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Siostra Imelda Fernandez zmarła 21 kwietnia 2021 roku, a oto opis jej życia napisany przez s. Cristinę Antolin Tomas, przeoryszę generalną CSD.

Zaledwie trzy tygodnie temu w naszym Zgromadzeniu św. Dominika pożegnałyśmy wspaniałą siostrę: Imeldę Fernández Rodríguez, która po prawie czterech latach choroby powróciła do domu Ojca 20 kwietnia 2021 roku.
Z urodzenia Asturyjka, z wielką wiarą, miłością i zaufaniem do "santiny", której zawsze powierzała swoje życie i swoje trudności, Imelda przeżyła większość swoich lat życia konsekrowanego poza ojczyzną. Była kobietą głębokiej modlitwy, miała hojne serce, wrażliwe na potrzeby innych, radosne, proste, szczere, bliskie, gościnne. Dziś jej siostry odczuwają pustkę, którą nam pozostawia, ale jesteśmy pewne, że z nieba nadal czuwa nad nami.
Młodość spędziła w Kolumbii, a po powrocie do Hiszpanii z wielkim oddaniem rozwijała swoje powołanie jako wychowawczyni w różnych szkołach. Przez wiele lat była wychowawczynią nowicjuszek, przez którą przeszło wiele pokoleń, a ona zaszczepiła w nich filary życia dominikańskiego, zwłaszcza umiłowanie Słowa.
Ostatnie lata jej życia to bezwarunkowe oddanie Zgromadzeniu jako Przełożonej Generalnej, od 2005 do 2017 roku. Jej miłość do misji Zgromadzenia i do młodych kobiet w formacji, jej hojność i poświęcenie doprowadziły ją do ofiarowania się, pod koniec drugiego mandatu, do pomocy w domu nowicjatu w Kamerunie, misji, którą wypełniała tylko przez krótki czas, ponieważ delikatna choroba zmusiła ją do powrotu do Hiszpanii.
Ten ostatni okres był dla niej wielkim cierpieniem, ale na jej ustach zawsze gościł uśmiech. Swoją chorobę znosiła z wielką wiarą, odwagą i nadzieją, ofiarując cały swój ból za Zgromadzenie, ofiarę miłości, która zawsze przynosi owoce.
Dziś dziękujemy Bogu za jej życie, za jej poświęcenie. Wiemy, że już zmartwychwstała z Chrystusem, że spoczywa w pokoju i żyje wiecznie. Pozostanie obecna w naszej pamięci i w naszych sercach.

Dominican Sisters at the United Nations

 On 26 March 2021, the dominican sisters at the United Nations discussed Sustainable Development Goal 5: Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality.

Here is the link to the video. The French and Spanish presentations have English subtitles .

communitas conference

 “Communitas” is an interfaculty conference that brings together experts from across the various disciplines of the PUST to present, debate and deepen our understanding of a topic of crucial importance for our day. In 2018-2019, the topic was “The Common Good or the Throw Away Society. Foundational Reflections and Practical Applications”; in 2019-2020, the conference was due to be on law, but had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. In 2020- 2021, Communitas provides the university with the opportunity to focus on “Preaching and the Arts”. For the first time in the history of this conference, it will be open to the participation of friars, sisters and lay Dominicans in Italy, either as main speakers, respondents or participants.

Preaching is a complex activity, but most would agree that communicating the faith is at its heart. For most of history (even if less so now), the complex activity of artists has been considered, at least in part, as a form of communication. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Order of Preachers has a long association with the arts, seen as an integral part of the order’s central charism of preaching.

In the year of the 800th anniversary of the dies natalis of St Dominic . . . . . . in a world that is becoming more visual, narrative and secularized, . . . where a rational presentation of the faith is increasingly rejected, and, . . . where the arts in the West have become largely separated from the sources of religious inspiration which have fed them until well into the 20th century: the interfaculty conference, Communitas 2021, addresses the topic of “Preaching and the Arts”.

More info

Registration to Communitas 2021 Events

Communitas website

Webinar: Changing the narrative, one story at a time

The Dominican Sisters at the United Nations invite you to join their webinar with panelists from 5 continents on 26 March 2021.
We will engage with stories from our panelists who have found their inner strength to act for themselves and others.
📍 The event will be available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
📍 Find out more about the event on this flyer

Two major UN commissions in FEb and MAR

The Commission for Social Development (Online | 8 – 17 Feb 2021)

UN Commission on the Status of Women (Online | 14 – 26 Mar 2021)

Please download the announcement here.

You can find complete information on the CSW65 on the UN website:  English, Français, Español


Report on YSOP 2021

by Sr. Eileen O’Connell OP, Dominican Sisters Cabra

Our sisters in Madrid were to be our hosts for the 2021 YSOP gathering but, as with so much else, COVID-19 intervened. It did not however prevent 40 sisters coming together even while staying apart – by Zoom. The language zones of DSE were represented by sisters of various nationalities and congregations. Our theme was: signs of the times in the distortion of truth. Sr Gemma Morató Sendra OP and Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP offered rich insights.

With Sr Gemma, we considered our current reality. In a post-truth world, emotions and not facts determine what one accepts as truth. Fake news, deliberation distortion of truth to manipulate emotions and beliefs, spreads ever-wider and faster and threatens to undermine  society. Dominicans, with our motto Truth, seem an unlikely fit here. Yet, the concern that moved St Dominic must also drive us to engage fully, asking like him: what will become of this world? How might we do this? Almost counter-intuitively, the shift beyond Bauman’s ‘liquid society’ to ‘gaseous society’ – everything is volatile, transitory, interpersonal links are weak, search for identity is central, fear of insecurity looms large – offers us a space to contribute. We Dominicans, who have given our whole lives to following God, can relate to this ‘gaseous’ world where everything is relative, there are no certainties, the lifelong nature of our commitment is so alien. In the ever-shifting ground of today, we consecrated Dominicans can tell that our life is rooted in something – or in someone: the God of compassion. We can communicate best by showing people our lives. Our communal life can offer a strong witness to God. Many experience loneliness and existential emptiness, exacerbated by society’s focus on individual over community. We can demonstrate the gift of communal life as a remedy to this pain only if we live together well. This calls us to put a new focus on the quality of our communal life. We can be obsessed with, even oppressed by, the busyness of mission and our communal life suffers. If it causes us to weaken or lose the witness of communal life, busyness becomes an unhelpful, unhealthy trap.

Fr Timothy asked what seeking truth means in the fake news context and how we might undertake our mission of truth-telling in a manner that overcomes polarities. Echoing Sr Gemma, he identified relationships and understanding the other as antidotes to fake news and named twin ‘tools’ for uncovering truth: objective study along with conversations that foster friendship. Portrait painters use these to capture and disclose the truth of their subject. Likewise, for Dominicans as truth seekers, we need to combine “intense peering”, the discipline of serious study, with the “exhilaration of conversation”, a deep genuine interest in others. We need Dominican scholars specialised in their field (and enabled and supported to be thus) as much as “charitable” Dominican conversationalists – strong relationship-builders with committed students. Even when seemingly futile, we must reach across divisions and have difficult conversations. Only together can we undertake this act of hope and discover other people’s truth. Jesus uncomfortable engagement with the Samaritan woman becomes real only when his word “penetrates her aggression” to reach her life’s truth.

On Saturday, we met Sr Marie Monnet OP, Justice and Peace Promoter for Europe and the Middle East. Their aims are to inform (with newsletters) and instruct (online programmes). Asking which issues interest us, she encouraged sisters to explore Domuni University and to contact her if willing to teach. We were glad that Sr Margaret Mayce OP, DSIC International Coordinator, was with us. She introduced the 2021 global visioning process – coming together to share hopes and dreams for Dominican life and mission for the next five years and exploring how DSIC can help. She told us again of her commitment to involving young sisters in DSIC and her intention to include them in the 2022 Assembly.

Our thanks especially to Sr Pílar del Barrio OP, DSE Coordinator, and to the DSE Council members for planning and bringing to fruition YSOP21 despite the pandemic. Our thanks too to our translators who ensured language was not a barrier to our communication. It was good to be together. We look forward in hope to YSOP22 and pray that then we can meet safely in person once again.

Sr Eileen O’Connell OP  

Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 10.05.54

Justice & Peace Webminar


-Experiences of encounter with migrants
         Stephen Cummins (Ireland) and Alessandro Cortessi (Italy)
-Dialogue between cultures
         Claudio Monge (Istanbul)
-Relationship between care of creation and social justice
         Luc-Thomas Somme (Geneve)
-Local and universal dimensions
         Richard Finn (England)
-Openness to neighborhood
         Petro Balog (Ukraine)
                  Time: Jan 21, 2021 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Rome

Oznaki czasu w wypaczeniu prawdy

The annual meeting for Young Sisters of the Order of Preachers (YSOP) was held on zoom last weekend (8-10 Jan). There were around 29 participants for each zoom session and translations were offered in Spanish, English and French. We had group sessions and social gathering on zoom that enriched the experience of being together.

S. Gemma Morató, OP i ks. Timothy Radcliffe, OP dali doskonały wkład do refleksji nad tematem spotkania. Teksty ich prezentacji można było pobrać klikając na poniższe linki:

Fr. Timothy Radcliffe – Difficult conversations (English) (Español)

Sr Gemma Morató – Fake news (English, Español)

Lumen Dominican centre - spring semester

Registration is now open for a number of online modules at Lumen which might be of interest to sisters in the wider Dominican world.  Please click here to download the brochure!


Yao Agbetse, professor of human rights and
independent expert at the United Nations,
hosted a webinar in French and English.
You can click here and listen to the session
around the theme:

“Monitoring and Evaluation of Human
Rights and International Humanitarian Law
in the Context of Conflict: The Case of the
Central African Republic”


The dominican sisters at Katarinahjemmet Oslo have made short videos of the O-antiphones that can be found on their blogpage.

O-antiphones from Katarinahjemmet

50, 60 i 70 lat jubileuszu

Siostry Dominikanki od błogosławionej Imeldy świętowały 30 października rocznicę niektórych swoich sióstr. Dzielimy się ich radością i gratulujemy Siostrom Leonia Dainese, Sr. Lina Basso i s. Matilde Nicoletti, które świętowały pięćdziesiątą rocznicę swojego życia zakonnego. S. Gabriella De Benetti, S. Tarcisia Ceoldo, S. Giulia di Raimo i S. Camilla Giacometti za ich sześćdziesiątą rocznicę oraz S. Bruna Branca za siedemdziesiątą rocznicę.

Kliknij tutaj, aby zapoznać się z artykułem na ich stronie internetowej. Oto komentarze sióstr, które świętowały rocznicę, przetłumaczone z języka włoskiego.

"Atrakcyjność jest podobna do tej, którą ćwiczy coś pięknego, fascynującego, wciągającego. Więc to było dla mnie. Świętowanie jubileuszu oznaczało i oznacza bardziej intensywne oddanie się Miłości, ponieważ doświadczam, nawet po 50 latach, że On jest wierny, On jest Jedynym, który wypełnia moje życie godnością, sensem, bezinteresownością, miłością, każdym dobrem, którego potrzebuję, nie po to, by zatrzymać je dla siebie, ale by rozdać je innym braciom i siostrom. Jak? Słowem, Obecnością, zainteresowaniem i troską, tak jak On czyni to ze mną, darem z siebie w Eucharystii. Mogę się tylko z Nim radować, chwalić Go, dziękować Mu z całego serca". - Sr. Leonia Dainese

"Chwała i cześć Tobie, Panie, za wielką radość powołania, i odpowiedź z wiarą, aby iść za Tobą wszędzie... zawsze. Dziękuję! Minęło 60 lat... ale czuję się jak pierwszego dnia. Pomóż mi być zawsze gotową i wierną, z łaską, która pochodzi od Ciebie, nieskończona Trójco! " - Siostra Giulia De Raimo

“And on Your Word that I love, believe and hope. I’ll still sing your mercy, I will walk with You, Lord, because You called me and sent me: – Go tell my brothers … Here I am! – Sr. Lina Basso

"Z radością obchodziłem 60. rocznicę profesji, dziękując Panu za miłosierdzie, którego używałem w tych latach, a które chciałbym, aby mu się podobało". Dano mi świecę jako symbol mojego życia, aby była spożywana przed Bogiem. Do tego symbolu dodałem swoją modlitwę: Z pomocą Maryi chcę, aby moje życie było "tak", nie tylko z modlitwą, ale w konkrecie mojego życia ". - Siostra Tarcisia Ceoldo


Pierwsze śluby

Gratulujemy s. Mardze i s. Catharinie, które 16 listopada 2020 r. złożyły swoje pierwsze śluby. Módlmy się za nie i za Siostry Dominikanki w Holandii. Oto zawiadomienie od Rady Zgromadzenia Sióstr Dominikanek Świętej Rodziny Neerbosch, Holandia.

On Monday November 16, 2020 the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of the Holy Family – Neerbosch, celebrated the first profession of two sisters: Sister Marga and Sister Catharina. After a period of orientation they followed a year of noviciate. They studied Dominican life and spirituality and the apostolate of the congregation.

A year in which they could explore whether God was calling them to lead a life as a Dominican Sister. Both Sister Marga and Sister Catharina were confirmed in their choice to take the next step. They requested the Council for permission to take vows. The Council has wholeheartedly agreed to this.

The ceremony took place during the celebration of the Eucharist in our Saint Dominic’s Chapel in Nijmegen.

We trust that we may count on your prayers.

Council of the Congregation Dominican Sisters of the Holy Family Neerbosch, Netherlands


Sub-Commission for Liturgical Music

On 7 November 2020, the Master of the Order has appointed a Sub-Commission for Liturgical Music, whose main responsibility is to provide the Dominican Family resources on the variety of music (chants, responsorials, etc.) that is utilized throughout the world.

We congratulate the members of this sub-commision:

  • Sr. Ragnhild Bjelland OP
  • fr. Thomas Möller, OP
  • fr. Łukasz Miśko, OP
  • Sr. Marie Trainar, OP

One of the tasks the sub-commission is engaged in is to get in touch with sisters who have a university level degree in music. If you are one of them or if you know of any sisters, please get in touch!

Dear sisters, 
I want to inform you that I’ve been nominated, together with two brothers and a nun, in a Sub-Commision of the Liturgical Commission and I look forward to this task.
We will have our own meetings, but will also have joint meetings with Cliop. This is very interesting and a good opportunity to find ways to cooperate in the liturgical and fraternal common life for all Dominicans and the Dominican family.
The socius for Fraternal life sent us an email the other day to explain why this Sub-Commission was formed and what kind of task it is:

The Master has appointed a Sub-Commission for Liturgical Music, whose main responsibility is to provide the Dominican Family resources on the variety of music (chants, responsorials, etc.) that is utilized throughout the world. The principal reason for the appointment  is division labor and ensuring that the Liturgical Commission is able to fulfill its tasks as outlined in the LCO and the ACTA of Bien Hoa. The hope of the Master is that the Sub-Commission can disseminate the traditional and contemporary music that is experienced throughout the world by the Dominican Family. The Curia is often asked if it has resources on traditional and contemporary music, and the answer is simply we do not. We hope to develop a depository of music that can be accessed by the whole Dominican Family.

In this regard, I want your help, both DSI and all the Congregations for the following:
  • Please send me the names and info of sisters who have a degree (university level) in music, we want to create a kind of Catalogue
  • please forward this mail to sisters who may have names 
I’ll come back to you when we know more 
Fraternal greetings 
Sr Ragnhild Marie op

Dsic blog - shared reflections

Please check out the blog page on DSIC website where Dominican sisters from all around the world share their experience of navigating the pandemic.

Link to the blog:

Informal zoom course - Aquinas on christ

A 9-week zoom course on what Aquinas (and the church) teaches about Jesus Christ starts on October 16, 2020.

If interested, please email:

For more information please visit: English Dominican Congregation of St. Catherine of Siena

“In Communion with the Sacred Universe The Story of An Tairseach.” by Sr. Marian O’Sullivan OP

The virtual launch of  “In Communion with the Sacred Universe The Story of An Tairseach.” by Sr. Marian O’Sullivan OP member of the An Tairseach community, took place on October 10, 2020.

For more information please visit: The Dominican Sisters Cabra

Pierwsze śluby

W dniu 3 października 2020 r. Siostry Maria Magdalena i Chiara Mary z angielskiego Zgromadzenia Dominikanów św. Katarzyny ze Sieny złożyły swoje pierwsze śluby. Dziękujemy Bogu za Jego powołanie i niech TAK s. Magdaleny i s. Chiary przyniesie dobre owoce dla Świętego Kościoła i będzie źródłem inspiracji. Módlmy się za nich i za trzech nowych kandydatów, którzy właśnie rozpoczęli swój nowicjat.

Więcej informacji:

Gratulacje dla siostry Helen Alford

S. Helen Alford, wicedyrektor Angelicum, która pełniła funkcję konsultanta Papieskiej Rady ds. Sprawiedliwości i Pokoju, została powołana do Papieskiej Akademii Nauk Społecznych 4 września 2020 roku. Siostra Helen Alford aktywnie współpracowała z DSI i DSE oferując wykłady podczas tygodni studiów i angażując się w dyskusje.