أهمّ الأحداث


Letter from Sr. Hanna, 22 Sep 2022

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Dear Sisters,

Autumn is coming fast. Three weeks ago we had the first mornings with white meadows covered in hoarfrost. It is a big relief, that your donations were so generous, that they will help us to keep warm. The summer was very eventful. A big event was the demolition of the victory monument of the Soviet Army over Natzi-Germany, which also marks the beginning of the occupation of Latvia by the Soviet Union. Every year on the anniversary of the “liberation” there were fights at this monument, now finally the political situation was such that the demolition was decided.

Soviet monuments are to be demolished in all Latvian cities. – For some, this is a source of great joy; for others, some are called to resistance. The city of Daugavpils is considered entirely Russian-speaking. From here came the request that all monuments in the city may remain. – Now the government is considering removing all members of the city administration from office.

This is only an example to explain in which way the internal political situation is becoming more tense. But what worries many more than this, is Russia’s silence on the demolition of the monument in the capital. And we have again been told by the Ministry of Defence to prepare for the first 72 hours after “X hour”, what means to have our emergency backpacks packed. So, of course, the news of the success of the Ukrainian counter-attack was very welcome.

Thanks to the support of all of you, we were able to fill this summer with some happy moments for many refugees form Ukraine!

We already told you about the centre for children with autism in our last letter. Now we were able to finance a “cultural evening” where Ukranian and Latvian kids cooked with their mothers for each other and could make new friends. We also could help out to finance a bus for various excursions, and on one day they went to the beach where they created small works of art from found materials. An artist who fled from Ukraine was at the holiday camp and enjoyed working creatively with the children. Of course, this also has terepeutic elements, because here the children can express what they have experienced on the run or what they miss from home. Riga, 22.09.2022                                  

We were also able to save a small holiday camp organised by a Babtist community for the refugee children they had taken in, when the funding for the catering was cut off by the city a week before the event. These children had fled Mariupol with their mothers. It was very important to all of us that this little recreation could take place for them.

The first woman who arrived at our convent as a refugee is now also the first to make her way back to Ukraine. Her sons have told her that it is quiet in their region at the moment. She hopes to make her home ready for winter. All the windows are broken, one of the neighbours has improvized a door for her, so that it dosn ́t look like you can just walk in and take what you want. We hope that things will continue well for them back home. But she knows, that we will help her to return to Latvia, if needed. 

Our other refugees have not jet all made up their mind. It looks as if the little family will stay in Latvia for good, but the others try to understand for how long they are staying. But they start to look for their own flats. As they all have work and could put something aside while staying with us, they will be able to pay the deposit asked when renting. As you all know, during the last days the situation in Russia has changed as well. It seems Putin’s attempt to mobilise more soldiers leads to more protest and a wave of refugees coming from Russia. Young man, not wanting to die. Some hope for the revolution of the mothers. Let us keep all of them in our prayers, so Ukrainians and Russians can live in peace, and we with them. 

Greetings from Riga, 

Sr. Hannah


Letter from Sr. Pilar del Barrio and Sr. Margaret Mayce, 23 Mar 2022

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You can download the correspondence from Sr. Hannah Rita Laue from Latvia on their work with the refugees: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Dear Sisters,

As we witness each day the tragedy that continues to unfold in Ukraine, we are sure that each one of you struggles to know how best to respond. We have tried to keep you informed about our Sisters who live in the surrounding countries – Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia – and how they are offering assistance to refugees; as well as our Sisters in Madrid, who are welcoming refugees from Kyiv, where they had been ministering before the war broke out. Many of you have responded by sending financial assistance, which has been an enormous help. We have recently received some information from the heads of some Catholic institutions, National Conferences of Religious and National Bishops’ Conferences that we feel would be helpful to you as you continue to discern how best to respond. In Europe, NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS, CARITAS INTERNATIONAL AND THE INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS together with some other NGOs are working together within each country to organize the reception of refugees. The important thing to remember is that it is not simply a case of bringing people into other European countries; but also providing them with all the necessary support systems once they are here: health care; counselling; education; language; shelter; employment; etc. In other words, all that is needed to help people become integrated into their new homes and countries. Since this refugee crisis will become part of our reality moving forward, it is very important that the response be well-coordinated by professionals, and not by individuals or groups.

So, our recommendation to you is the following:

  • Connect with those who are coordinating refugee assistance within your countries; CARITAS INTERNATIONAL, THE RED CROSS, AND OTHER NATIONAL / LOCAL AGENCIES.
  • Consider offering empty convents; schools; or other empty facilities to CARITAS as potential places to house refugees.
  • Consider offering available space where you currently live, and let CARITAS know of this availability.
  • Consider financial assistance to those Sisters who are bearing the major crush of refugees at this time – especially the Sisters in Slovakia and Latvia.

We believe that we all must be ready to respond in whatever way we can, and the best way to do that right now is through the local boards that have been established in each country.

At this point the greatest needs in terms of financial assistance are in Slovakia and Latvia. We are still waiting to hear from our Sisters in Hungary as to whether or not they need assistance. When we hear from them, we will let you know.

Here is the bank information for the Sisters in Slovakia.

Account Holder:               Kongregácia sestier dominikánok blahoslavenej Imeldy

Address:                            Parková 27, 821 05 Bratislava

Bank:                                 Tatrabanka, a.s. Hodžovo námeste 3, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovensko (Slovakia)

Account Number:              2669704092

Bank Code (Key):              1100

IBAN:                                  SK14 1100 0000 0026 6970 4092. 


And…..attached is a message from our sister, Hannah Rita Laue, OP, from Riga, Latvia. She and her housemates have started to receive Ukranian refugees, and would appreciate your help. The bank information is as follows:

Account Holder:       Dominikanerinnen von Bethanien e.V.     
Ungerather Str. 1-15, 41366 Schwalmtal/Waldniel  Germany
IBAN:                           DE 6147 2603 0700 2145 0001    BIC: GENODEM1BKC   

Bank :                        Bank für Kirche und Caritas          
Address:                    Kamp 17, 33098 Paderborn, Germany

 In prayerful solidarity,

Your sisters,

Pilar del Barrio, OP and Margaret Mayce, OP


Letter from Sr. Margaret Mayce, 15 Mar 2022

Please download the letter by clicking here.

Dear Sisters,

We have heard from Sr. Karola Mária Dravecká, OP, General Prioress of the Slovak Congregation of Dominican Sisters of Blessed Imelda. Her letter is attached to this message, along with several photos of some of the refugee children being helped. You will note that one of their Sisters, Sr. Lydia, has remained in Ukraine to assist with the needs of refugees. Other Sisters in the Congregation have been go

ing to the border, to meet the refugees as they enter, and bring some of them to the Sisters’ houses. Sr. Karola has provided Bank Information (see below) for those who feel that they want to help this effort. Please note that the Congregations street address is included, for those of you who need to include this in the wire transfer: 

Bank Account Number: Bank Code (Key): IBAN:

SWIFT CODE (BIC): Account Holder:

Tatrabanka, a.s. Hodžovo námeste 3, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovensko (Slovakia)

2669704092 1100

SK14 1100 0000 0026 6970 4092
Kongregácia sestier dominikánok blahoslavenej Imeldy Parková 27
821 05 Bratislava

Sr. Hannah Rita Laue, OP, and her housemates (Dominican Congregation of Bethany), have opened their home in Latvia to refugees. Hannah writes:

So far the women and the little child living at our place are able to even pay a little rent for their place. We are happy about it, mostly because it gives them the feeling of still being in controle and protects their feeling of dignity. We are going to buy new mattresses, two more fridges and another washing machine and maybe two mini-ovens. This gives us a chance to create separate territories for families. It is so important to have a safe, private space, a room for intimacy with your own grief and fears, and to relax, as far as that is possible

As of now, they are managing with the assistance of donations from Germany. She will let us know if their situation becomes such that other assistance is needed.

Sr. Gene Poore has been in touch with Sr. Krista Ludmila Chladkova, OP Prioress of the Czech Congregation Dominican Sisters. Sr. Krista writes:

Thank you very much for your e-mail and your readiness to help. I am sure you have already heard from the Slovak Sisters who have a community in Ukraine – help is definitely most needed there. As for us, we offered our guest rooms in different communities to several families. For some time, we are able to take care of them (food, clothes, some transport…). But later… And of course, there are many people needing help all around us. Some of us help as volunteers with the Catholic Charity and if there is any money, we know how to use it.

With a prayer,
sr. Krista OP
Bank Information for Czech Sisters:

Account Owner Account type Account number IBAN

BIC / SWIFT code Address of Congregation:

7000760247/0100 CZ6301000000007000760247

KOMBCZPPXXX Veveri 469/27

602 00 Brno Czech Republic

Finally, some have requested the bank information for the Sisters in Madrid again:

Banco Santander Calle Serrano, 51 28006 Madrid

IBAN: ES5900495150132993025088 SWIFT: BSCHESMM

Bank Account holder: Santo Domingo De Granada Curia General (R2800286C)
San Mariano, 16

Please indicate that the donation is for: Evacuación Ucrania

Thank you for your continued prayers and your efforts to offer assistance in whatever way works best for you. We will keep you informed as we receive additional information from our Sisters.

During this season of conversion and change of heart, we also pray for those who willfully inflict such devastation on Ukraine and on its innocent civilian population.

Wishing you peace, Your sister,

Margaret Mayce, OP



خطاب مراسلات من راهبات مصلين القديس دومينيك

تدير راهبات مجمع سانت دومينيك مركز ديم ديتي في كييف ، حيث يستقبلن الآن لاجئين. إليكم رسالة مراسلة من هؤلاء الأخوات:

"لقد واصلنا الاتصال بشعبنا ، من خلال مجموعات Viber و WhatsApp و Facebook التي لدينا. بعضهم لاجئون في منزلنا في كييف ، وآخرون على الطرق المؤدية إلى منازل الأقارب والأصدقاء في ألمانيا وبولندا والنمسا….

يتواجد معظمهم الآن في نقاط مختلفة من الحدود مع بولندا حيث ينظم ليوبا ، المدير الفني للمركز ، بالتعاون مع منظمتين غير حكوميتين ، من أستورياس وسيوداد ريال ، حفل الاستقبال في العائلات في إسبانيا حيث أتوا خلال الصيف ويتم توجيه المساعدة أولاً وقبل كل شيء إلى هؤلاء الأطفال من DIM DITEY CENTER, from KIEV“. 

بالاتفاق مع المصلين ، سيتم افتتاح مدرسة سان خوسيه في سوترونديو ، أستورياس ، والتي كانت مغلقة لمدة عامين ، كمكان للاجتماع لأن إحدى المنظمات غير الحكومية التي اعتدنا جلب الأطفال معها إلى إسبانيا لقضاء الإجازات الصيفية هي من تلك المنطقة. 

هذا هو المكان الذي سيتم فيه الاستقبال الأولي عند وصول جميع الأطفال ، قبل توزيعهم على العائلات. سيرافق الأطفال أمهاتهم ، وسيتعين علينا مساعدتهم حتى يحين وقت العودة إلى أوكرانيا. يقوم المتطوعون بالفعل بإعداد المكان وبمساعدة رئيس إمارة أستورياس ، يتم تسريع الأعمال الورقية. كثير من الأشخاص القريبين من الكلية ، يستعدون لكل شيء ، ويتواصلون معنا ومع ليوبا ، مديرتنا الفنية الموجودة على الحدود ، مع والديها المسنين وابنتها البالغة من العمر 11 عامًا التي تعتني بهم ، حتى تتمكن من ذلك القيام بهذا العمل لصالح الجميع ".

وتحدثت الأخت بيلار ، منسقة منظمة الأخوات الدومينيكان في أوروبا مع الأخوات وهم يستضيفون بالفعل 23 شخصًا وسيصل 55 آخرون يوم السبت. إنهم يسعون للحصول على أموال لاستئجار حافلات أخرى لجلب ما يصل إلى 130 شخصًا ، في الوقت الحالي ، الذين هم بالفعل مع هذه المجموعة في بولندا. ستكون هناك حاجة إلى المساعدة لتلبية احتياجات الطعام والصحة وما إلى ذلك للأشخاص الذين يصلون. 

يمكن تقديم التبرعات إلى الحساب المصرفي التالي:


IBAN: ES5900495150132993025088



يرجى الإشارة إلى أن التحويل هو لـ: Evacuación Ucrania

راهبات الدومينيكان في أوكرانيا

نقف متضامنين مع أخواتنا الدومينيكانيات في أوكرانيا وبيلاروسيا وجمهورية التشيك والمجر ولاتفيا وبولندا ورومانيا وروسيا وسلوفاكيا

في 28 فبراير 2022 ، أرسلت الأخت مارغريت مايس (المنسقة الدولية لـ DSIC) والأخت بيلار ديل باريو (منسقة أوروبا) خطابًا يطلبان الصلاة من أجل أوكرانيا ويؤكدان للأخوات دعمنا. 

Please click here to download the letter.

فيما يلي قائمة بالتجمعات التي لها وجود في أوكرانيا ، وكذلك في البلدان المحيطة بها: روسيا ولاتفيا وبيلاروسيا وجمهورية التشيك وسلوفاكيا والمجر ورومانيا. تستند هذه المعلومات إلى ما لدينا حتى الآن في قاعدة البيانات الخاصة بنا. إذا كانت هناك أي تجمعات أخرى موجودة في هذه البلدان ، فيرجى إخبارنا بذلك. 

Zgromadzenie Sióstr św. Dominika – Krakow, Poland – Presence in: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine

Siostry Dominikanki Misjonarki Jezusa i Maryi – Warsaw, Poland – Presence in: Latvia, Russia

Ceska Kongregace Sester Dominikanek – Brno, Czech Republic – Presence in: Czech Republic

Dominican Sisters of Saint Margaret of Hungary – Budapest, Hungary – Presence in: Hungary

Kongregácia Sestier Dominikánok Blahoslavenej Imeldy – Bratislava, Slovakia – Presence in : Slovakia, Ukraine

Dominikanerinnen von Bethanien von Venlo – Haelen, The Netherlands – Presence in: The Netherlands, Germany, Latvia

Congregación Santo Domingo – Madrid, Spain – Presence in: Ukraine

Congregación de las Hermanas Dominicas de Betania – Bogota, Colombia Presence in: Slovakia

Unione Santa Caterina da Siena delle Missionarie della Scuola – Rome Presence in: Poland

Suore Domenicane di Santa Maria del Rosario – Prato, Italy Presence in: Poland, Romania

YSOP 2022 - تقرير

الاخوات الشابات في رهبنة الواعظين (YSOP) هو اجتماعٌ سنويّ يجمع ما بين الراهبات الدومنيكيّات الشابات في جميع أنحاء أوروبا بما في ذلك الراهبات الدومنيكيّات المبتدئات واللواتي لم تتخطَّ حياتهن المكرّسة العشرين عامًا. سيُعمَل على توفير الترجمات بلغاتٍ مختلفةٍ بحسب الضرورة.

موضوع يناير 2022: دعوة الأخوات حقيقة


هنا تقرير عن اجتماع YSOP من قبل الأب. Mónica Marco, Congregación Santo Domingo:


60 أخت ، 16 دولة ، 24 جماعة ، 7 مبتدئين ، 10 صغار ، 43 أخوات مع أقل من 20 عامًا من الوعود ، 6 مجموعات لغوية ، 3 مؤتمرات ممتازة ومساحات قيّمة للمشاركة هي مجرد جزء من ثراء اجتماع YSOP 2022 الذي استغرق ضع فعليًا في الفترة من 7 إلى 9 يناير تحت شعار علامات العصر وتشويه الحقيقة. ركز الاجتماع ، الذي نظمته DSE (الراهبات الدومينيكانيات في أوروبا) ، محتواه على تحليل ما يعنيه أن تكون أختًا وواعظًا دومينيكانيًا في الكنيسة وفي عالم اليوم.


الخطاب الأول "ماذا تعني دعوة الدومينيكان في الكنيسة اليوم؟" كان مسؤولاً عن الأب فيليسيسيمو مارتينيز OP ، الذي دعانا لإحياء ذكرى مشروعنا التأسيسي ، وجاذبيتنا وتاريخنا الدومينيكاني ، حتى نتمكن من تحديثها ، ويمكن أن تكون مهمة ومثمرة في الاستجابة لاحتياجات معاصرينا.


وسلط الضوء على 6 جوانب يجب أن تساعدنا موهبتنا في المساهمة في عالم اليوم: الإنسانية كروح أساسية ؛ الاستقلال والحرية كأفكار وقيم غير قابلة للتصرف للفرد ؛ التأمل الدومينيكي واختبار الله والبحث عن معنى الحياة ؛ هبة المجتمع وحاجة عالمنا لتجربة اللقاء هذه ؛ مهمة الكرازة ومهمتنا في اعتماد الكلمة والشهادة لها في حياتنا.

    خلال الحديث الثاني ، "ماذا يعني أن تكون أختًا واعظة؟" حثتنا كريستين ماري بيريتز أو بي على التفكير في كل شيء لا تمثله الأخت (لسنا رهبانًا أو راهبات أو علمانيين أو ...) لكي نكتشف من هناك كل شيء - إلى أي مدى - ما نحن وعظماء الفرصة لدينا لبناء هويتنا كواعظ ، كشهود للبشارة. وشددت على أن كونك أختًا كرزية هو موقف أكثر منه نشاطًا ، لأننا نكرز في جميع جوانب حياتنا. وشدد أيضًا على أنه من المهم للوعظ أن يكون هناك شيء مشترك مع الآخرين (هواية ، على سبيل المثال) ، لأننا لا نستطيع العيش خارج مجتمعاتنا ، لا نشير حصريًا إلى التجمعات ، ولكن إلى المجتمعات الاجتماعية. واختتم بدعوتنا لإظهار سعادة الوعاظ.

    في الحديث الثالث والأخير "ماذا يعني أن نعيش النذور كأخت دومينيكانية؟" ، ركزت الأخت دياك هيدفيغ أو بي في تفكيرها على الطريقة الدومينيكية في عيش النذور على أساس التقاليد الروحية والفكرية للقديس توما الأكويني. وشدد على أنه لا يمكن أن نعيش النذور إذا لم تتجسد ، لكن لا يمكن أيضًا أن نعيشها إذا قمنا بإضفاء الروحانيات عليها بشكل مفرط. كلا الطرفين يغيب عن بالنا الجزء البشري ، الجزء المسيحي. يتحدث عن التحدي الأنثروبولوجي المتمثل في عيش النذور كنموذج للحرية وكهدية من صديق حكيم هو المسيح. إنهما كرم وحرية ، ونتيجة علاقة حب متبادلة.

بعد كل من العروض التقديمية ، أتيحت لنا الفرصة لمشاركة المجموعات اللغوية. نسلط الضوء على ثراء وجود مساحة مشتركة لنعكسها ، حيث ندرك ، إلى جانب المحتويات ، أنه على الرغم من الأصول المتنوعة للغاية والمراحل التكوينية والرحلة في التجمعات المختلفة ، فضلاً عن السياقات الاجتماعية المختلفة التي ندرج فيها ، تقاربت أبرز الانعكاسات على نفس المفاتيح ، علامة على ثراء وحدتنا وتنوعنا. كان تقييم الاجتماع إيجابياً للغاية ، ونأمل أن نتمكن من العودة إلى المواجهة وجهاً لوجه في القريب العاجل.

Monica Marco
Congregation of St. Dominic
January 2022

ترجم مع مترجم جوجل

التضامن - جزيرة لا بالما

تقرير من الأخوات الدومينيكان في جزيرة لا بالما ، حول كيفية تأثير ثوران البركان على الناس هناك وكيف يساعد التضامن.

إنماكولادا بيسيرا ، الدومينيكان الأخت التبشيرية للعائلة المقدسة ، من لا بالما (جزر الكناري ، إسبانيا)

إذا قيل لنا قبل عامين أن طريقة الحياة ستتغير بسرعة كبيرة ، وأنه سيتعين علينا التكيف مع القواعد الجديدة ، وأن هذه القواعد ستؤثر على الكوكب بأسره ، كنا نظن أنه سيناريو فيلم خيالي. لقد أمضينا عامًا في التكيف مع قواعد جائحة COVID'19 وعندما بدا أن كل شيء لدينا تحت السيطرة في جزيرتنا لا بالما ، وصلت اللحظة التي تم الإعلان عنها بالفعل قبل الوباء ، وانفجر البركان ، الطبيعة مرة أخرى أظهر لنا أجمل وأصعب وجه في نفس الوقت.

نحن جزر بركانية ، لذلك نعلم أن هذا يمكن أن يحدث. قبل 50 عامًا فقط ، اندلع بركان تينيجويا في الجزيرة ، والذي كان نقطة جذب كبيرة لسكان الجزيرة والأجانب ، لكنه كان بركانًا بالقرب من البحر ، في منطقة ذات كثافة سكانية منخفضة. لقد كان شيئًا مذهلاً وجميلًا ، ولم يتسبب في أي ضرر عمليًا. أولئك الذين ما زالوا يتذكرون بركان سان خوان في عام 1949 كانوا يعرفون أن قوته لا يمكن السيطرة عليها ، ولكن لم تكن هناك منازل يمكن نقلها بعيدًا ، وكانت تينيجيا قريبة جدًا من الساحل.

في 19 سبتمبر ، تم إطلاق الإنذار بالفعل ، وكانت جاهزة للظهور ، ولم يكن من الواضح أين أو بالضبط متى ، ولكن في يوم الأحد ، لاحظت الجزيرة قربها من السطح. كان بعض الناس يتجولون باحثين عن اللحظة والمكان الذي ستظهر فيه ، وهكذا كان الأمر ، شعروا بالانفجار ثم صمت لا يمكن تفسيره ، بنفس الطريقة التي كان رد فعلهم هو الهروب والتوقف في مساراتهم لالتقاط الصور. اللحظة بشبكية عيونهم والكاميرا.

لا يزال أمامنا أسبوع واحد قبل ذكرى مرور شهرين على ذلك اليوم ، وهو يوم سيبقى في أذهاننا جميعًا الذين نعيش على الجزيرة. لقد كانت لحظة مثيرة لعيش هذه التجربة ، لكن اللحظة تحولت إلى مرعبة عندما اكتشفوا أن المكان الذي ظهر فيه فم البركان كان في منطقة مأهولة بالسكان ، بعيدًا عن البحر وبها منحدر من شأنه أن يتسبب في جرف الحمم البركانية بعيدًا عن الآلاف. من المنازل ومزارع الموز والمحاصيل الأخرى ، والحياة التي كانت تبني وجودها في أماكن صغيرة مليئة بالذكريات والتجارب. اضطروا إلى الفرار ، وأخذوا فقط ما أعدوه ، وتمكن بعضهم من العودة لأخذ الأثاث والمتعلقات وأشياء أخرى ، بينما تُرك البعض الآخر بالملابس على ظهورهم. كان البعض ينقلون أمتعتهم إلى منازل مختلفة كان لابد من إخلاؤها لاحقًا بسبب تقدم الغسيل ، وشعروا وكأنهم يسرقون منازلهم ، واضطروا إلى التقاط كل شيء في 15 دقيقة. حتى الآن ، غطت الحمم أكثر من 1000 هكتار من الأراضي ، ودُمر أكثر من 2000 مبنى ، ونزح أكثر من 7000 شخص من منازلهم ، ولن يجد الكثيرون مكانًا يعودون إليه.
حجم الزلازل ، وانبعاثات الغازات من أفواه البركان المختلفة ، وزحف الحمم البركانية والدمار ، وكذلك ضوضاء تصم الآذان وسقوط الرماد الذي يغطي كل شيء. على عكس جمال الثلج في الشتاء ، لا يذوب الرماد وإذا لم يكن هناك من يزيله ، فإنه ينضم إلى تدمير الحمم البركانية. بقدر ما يكون الحجم المدمر ، أو ربما أكثر ، هو تضامن أجزاء كثيرة من العالم مع جزيرة لا بالما. كانت الاستجابة فورية. الرسائل والمكالمات الهاتفية ورسائل البريد الإلكتروني ، سأل الجميع كيف يمكنني المساعدة ، وصلت الموارد على الفور ، لأولئك الذين لم يكن لديهم الوقت لأخذ الحد الأدنى ليكونوا قادرين على بدء حياتهم الجديدة. وجد الغالبية العظمى منزلاً يلجأ إليه ، والعائلات ، والأصدقاء ، وأعني حسنًا ، منزلًا وليس منزلًا.
تواصلت عائلتنا الدومينيكية ، منذ الدقيقة صفر ، لمعرفة كيف تكون بجوار أولئك الذين يحتاجون إلى المساعدة. إنه حضور لم يختف بعد اللحظة الأولى للكارثة ، لكنه لا يزال يبحث عن طرق للوجود ومواصلة ممارسة التعاطف الذي كان لدى سانتو دومينغو كعصا في حياته ، ليكون إلى جانب أولئك الذين في حاجة إليها. من خلال التجمعات المختلفة للأخوات ، والإخوة ، ومؤسسة سانتو دومينغو التعليمية ، والمجتمعات العلمانية ، تصل المساعدة حتى يمكن توزيعها ، من خلال كاريتاس ، على أولئك الذين يحتاجون إليها.

لا بالما هي جزيرة صغيرة جدًا ومن السهل مقابلة الأشخاص والعائلات الذين عانوا من عواقب البركان ، لمعرفة معاناتهم في هذا الوقت ، ولكن أيضًا من قوتهم ليكونوا في الخط الأول من المساعدة والتعاون لذلك أنه لا يوجد نقص في أي شيء ، مادي أو روحي أو نفسي لأي شخص ، للأشخاص الأكثر تضرراً ، لأولئك الموجودين هناك للمساعدة ، لأولئك الذين يقدمون ما لديهم وما هم حتى لا ينقص أي شخص. إن دفء تضامن الأشخاص الذين يعرفون كيف يكونون هناك للاستجابة في أصعب اللحظات دون التفكير في من يساعدونهم قد تم الشعور به والشعور به ، مما يمنح أنفسهم تمامًا لجعل قسوة البركان أكثر احتمالًا. لا يمكننا إيقاف تشغيله ، لكن يمكننا جعل تدميره لا يسبب الكثير من الضرر. سيكون من الصعب العودة خلف البركان ، لكن لا شيء مستحيل على الله وهذا يساعدنا على عدم فقد الأمل ، وتقوية الأخوة والتضامن ، والسعي معًا للخروج من هذا الوضع.
نشكرك على جعلنا نشعر بدفء العائلة ، لاكتشاف أن مكانًا صغيرًا مثل هذا يمكن أن يجعل القلوب كبيرة جدًا في أجزاء كثيرة جدًا من العالم وأن الأمل لم يضيع في "إمكانية وجود عالم أفضل".

إنماكولادا بيسيرا ، الدومينيكان الأخت التبشيرية للعائلة المقدسة ، من لا بالما (جزر الكناري ، إسبانيا)

Translated from Spanish with Deepl.


التدريس الاجتماعي الكاثوليكي

الدورة التدريبية عبر الإنترنت مفتوحة للأخوات الدومينيكانيات من جميع أنحاء العالم ، رهنا بتوافر المساحة

ستكون الدورة باللغتين الإنجليزية والفرنسية.

الأخوات المهتمات ، يرجى التسجيل مع الأخت مارغريت نجيسان عبر واتساب + 2507877752927

برجاء تحميل إعلان الدورة بالضغط هنا: English, Français

URBI et orbi : Dominican Preaching to the City and to the World in the time of pandemic

October 12 – 14, 2021

or EMAIL: urbietorbi2021@letran.edu.ph

For more information please visit: https://www.op.org/event/urbi-et-orbi/

Given the challenges brought about by the COVID19 pandemic, the
PREACHING shall be conducted VIRTUALLY, via ZOOM, on October
12-14, 2021, premiered across different international time zones.

USA (GMT-5) 8:00 a.m.

Europe (GMT+2) 3:00 p.m.

Philippines (GMT+8) 9:00 p.m.

The Colloquium is open FOR FREE to the members of the Dominican
Family, lay associates, collaborators and partners in mission and
ministry, world-wide.
The language of the Colloquium shall be English.
The Colloquium features keynote addresses and discourses from:
  • Brother Gerard Francisco P. Timoner, III, OP, Master of the
  • Sister Margaret Mayce, OP, International Coordinator of the
    Dominican Sisters International;
  • Sister Barbara Beaumont, OP, Monastery of Pius XII, Fatima,
    Portugal and Association of Sister Historians of the Order of
    Preachers (SHOP), Fanjeaux, France;
  • Ms. Ann Garrido, PhD, lay professor from the Aquinas Institute
    of Theology, USA.

Passionate Preachers

Anual meeting of the “youngest” sisters of Spain

For the last ten years in Spain, Dominican sisters of apostolic life, around 50 years of age have been called together to share the richness that unites us: Dominican spirituality and charism.
As every year, the meeting took place on the last weekend of September (25-26). It was a meeting lived with joy, seriousness and commitment which, for the second year, we had to hold virtually, because of the pandemic and thanks to the possibilities of technology.

Twenty-eight sisters participated this year, with the desire to work together on certain reflections, which some of them had previously given us. The work we have done has helped us to discover which are the strengths we have to keep on walking, which are the brakes that prevent us from doing so and which would be the first steps to take.

Dreams, dreams, dreams… intuited as possible answers to the needs of our time, to the needs of the women and men around us, to our own needs as women inserted here; to favour the search for meaning, personal growth and the encounter with the Spirit.
We have noted the difficulty, and we have told ourselves that we are ready to take the first step together. That step that will help us to take root in us our identity as free women, guided by grace, called to gestate the light of a new life.

Margaret Mayce, general coordinator of the DSIC (Confederation of Dominican Sisters International) was present. Her shared and meditated reflection was important for all of us. On Sunday morning we also had the presence of Pilar del Barrio, Coordinator of the Dominican Sisters of Europe (DSE).
Margaret invited us to contemplate Mary Magdalene on the morning of the resurrection. With her, we were tempted to cling to what no longer exists and also, with her, we felt free to sense the new time that marks the resurrection. Invited to collaborate, to share… called to announce the resurrection to all people.
Margaret Mayce presented to us the path that DSI has been following since its constitution in 1995, based on the desire to support and strengthen collaboration between the 147 women’s congregations of Dominican apostolic life, which bring together 19,407 sisters present in 109 countries. She also conveyed to us that the need to share the Dominican life and spirit, beyond the specifics of each of the congregational charisms, is a search that is present in many other places.

Translated from Spanish with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Lumen Dominican centre - autumn semester

Registration is now open for a number of online modules at Lumen which might be of interest to sisters in the wider Dominican world.  Please click here to download the brochure!

DSIC revisioning process June 19, 2021

في اجتماع YSOP السنوي الذي عقد في يناير من هذا العام ، تحدثت الأخت مارغريت مايس ، منسقة DSIC ، عن عملية المراجعة بين الأجيال لـ DSIC. غالبًا ما يُنظر إلى DSIC على أنه شيء له علاقة بالأولويات والأولويات العامة ، لكن الرؤية هي إشراك الأخوات بنشاط على مستوى القاعدة الشعبية. في ضوء ذلك ، قدمت الأخت مارغريت أربعة أسئلة يود مجلس DSIC للأخوات التفكير فيها:

  1. What is your hope / dream for DSIC over the next 5 years? / ¿cuál es su esperanza/sueño para el DSIC en los próximos 5 años? / was ist Ihre Hoffnung / Ihr Traum für DSIC in den nächsten 5 Jahren? / quel est votre espoir / rêve pour le DSIC au cours des 5 prochaines années ?
  2. In order to achieve this, what do we need to do NOW? / para conseguirlo, ¿qué tenemos que hacer AHORA? / um dies zu erreichen, was müssen wir JETZT tun? / afin de réaliser cet objectif, que devons-nous faire MAINTENANT ?
  3. In order to realize our hopes/dreams, what do we need to let go of? / para realizar nuestras esperanzas/sueños, ¿qué tenemos que dejar de hacer? / um unsere Hoffnungen/Träume zu verwirklichen, was müssen wir loslassen? / afin de réaliser nos espoirs/rêves, que devons-nous laisser tomber ?
  4. What are the most essential (non-negotiable) elements of our Dominican Apostolic life as we move into the future? / ¿Cuáles son los elementos más esenciales (no negociables) de nuestra vida apostólica dominicana a medida que avanzamos hacia el futuro? / Was sind die wesentlichsten (nicht verhandelbaren) Elemente unseres dominikanisch-apostolischen Lebens, wenn wir in die Zukunft gehen? / quels sont les éléments les plus essentiels (non négociables) de notre vie apostolique dominicaine à l’avenir ?
  5. How can DSIC be helpful in this process of visioning? / ¿Cómo puede DSIC ser útil en este proceso de visión? / Wie kann DSIC bei diesem Visionsprozess hilfreich sein? / Comment la DSIC peut-elle être utile dans ce processus de vision ?

سيتبع الهيكل المثالي لعملية المراجعة نموذج الزيارة - اجتماع بين الأجيال بين إليزابيث وماري. أي أن يكون لديك مجموعة من الأخوات الأصغر سنًا ومجموعة من الأخوات الأكبر سنًا في كل منطقة قارية للتفكير في هذه الأسئلة ، وجمع الإجابات ثم أن يجتمع ممثلون من كل مجموعة ويناقشون في سياق دولي ومتعدد الأجيال. تمت الخطوة الأولى من عملية المراجعة هذه في أوروبا في أبريل في اجتماع التكوين الدائم للأخوات فوق سن الخمسين ، حيث تم تخصيص جزء من الاجتماع للتفكير في هذه الأسئلة والردود التي تم جمعها. وكانت الخطوة الثانية هي الاجتماع الذي عقد يوم 19 يونيو للأخوات دون سن الخمسين ، حيث تم عرض نفس الأسئلة وجمع الإجابات.

كان هناك حوالي 35 مشاركًا في اجتماعات Zoom ، وكان من بين المشاركين أخوات من المبتدئين والمستويات المبتدئين وأخوات مع عهود دائمة. عقد الاجتماع باللغة الإنجليزية وقدمت ترجمات باللغات الفرنسية والألمانية والإسبانية. على الرغم من أن بعض الأخوات قد حضرن اجتماعات DSE من قبل ، إلا أن هذا كان بالنسبة للعديد منهن أول لقاء لهن مع DSIC و DSE. كان الجدول الزمني يتضمن جلستي تكبير: في الجلسة الصباحية ، قدمت الأخت فيرونيكا رافيرتي لمحة عامة ممتازة عن بدايات DSIC ورؤية المؤسسين. أعقب حديثها الأخت مارغريت مايس ، التي أعطت صورة مفصلة عن الوضع الحالي لـ DSIC والحاجة إلى المشاركة على المستوى الشعبي. في الجلسة التالية ، تم تقسيم المشاركين إلى مجموعات حسب اللغة ومرحلة التكوين وطُلب منهم مناقشة الأسئلة أعلاه. وأعقب ذلك مناقشة في جلسة مكتملة النصاب حيث لخصت كل مجموعة أفكارها. 

Here is a feedback of the meeting by Sr. Carine Michel, Congrégation Romaine de Saint Dominique

كنت سعيدًا جدًا للمشاركة في اجتماع DSE للأخوات دون سن 50 عامًا. سمح لي اجتماع التكبير / التصغير هذا بالتعرف على DSI (و DSIC) بشكل أفضل ، وهو الأمر الذي لم أسمع عنه كثيرًا من قبل ، وذلك بفضل المحادثات التي ألقتها الأخت مارغريت والأخت فيرونيكوا. سمح لي الوقت الذي أمضيته في المجموعة الصغيرة بمقابلة أخوات صغيرات من رعايا دومينيكان أخرى ، وأثار تبادلنا رغبتنا في تنظيم اجتماع للأخوات الدومينيكانيات الشابات في فرنسا ، لتمكيننا من إقامة روابط من نفس الجيل. شكرًا جزيلاً لـ DSE على جعل هذا الاجتماع ممكنًا! (مترجم من الفرنسية عبر www.DeepL.com)


A Life of dedication

Sr Imelda Fernandez passed away on 21 April 2021 and here is a review of her life written by Sr. Cristina Antolin Tomas, Prioress general, CSD.

Only 3 weeks ago, in our Congregation of St. Dominic, we said goodbye to a great sister: Imelda Fernández Rodríguez, who after almost 4 years of illness returned to the house of the Father on April 20, 2021.
Asturian by birth, with great faith, love and trust in the “santina” to whom she always entrusted her life and her difficulties, Imelda lived most of her years of consecrated life outside her native land. She was a woman of deep prayer, with a generous heart, sensitive to the needs of others, joyful, simple, sincere, close, welcoming. Today, her sisters feel the emptiness she leaves us, but we are sure that, from Heaven, she continues to watch over us.
She spent her youth in Colombia and when she returned to Spain, she developed with great dedication her vocation as an educator in various schools. She was a novice mistress for many years, and many generations were educated by her and she sowed in them the pillars of Dominican life, especially the love of the Word.
Her last years were of unconditional dedication to the Congregation as Prioress General, from 2005 to 2017. Her love for the mission of the Congregation and for the young sisters in formation, her generosity and dedication, led her to offer herself, at the end of her second mandate, to help in the novitiate house in Cameroon, a mission she fulfilled only for a short time, as a delicate illness made her return to Spain.
This last period was one of great suffering, but she always had a smile on her lips. She bore her illness with great faith, courage and hope, offering all her pain for her Congregation, a sacrifice of love that always bears fruit.
Today we thank God for her life, for her dedication. We know that she has already risen with Christ, that she rests in peace and lives forever. She will remain present in our memory and in our hearts.

Dominican Sisters at the United Nations

 On 26 March 2021, the dominican sisters at the United Nations discussed Sustainable Development Goal 5: Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality.

Here is the link to the video. The French and Spanish presentations have English subtitles .

communitas conference

 “Communitas” is an interfaculty conference that brings together experts from across the various disciplines of the PUST to present, debate and deepen our understanding of a topic of crucial importance for our day. In 2018-2019, the topic was “The Common Good or the Throw Away Society. Foundational Reflections and Practical Applications”; in 2019-2020, the conference was due to be on law, but had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. In 2020- 2021, Communitas provides the university with the opportunity to focus on “Preaching and the Arts”. For the first time in the history of this conference, it will be open to the participation of friars, sisters and lay Dominicans in Italy, either as main speakers, respondents or participants.

Preaching is a complex activity, but most would agree that communicating the faith is at its heart. For most of history (even if less so now), the complex activity of artists has been considered, at least in part, as a form of communication. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Order of Preachers has a long association with the arts, seen as an integral part of the order’s central charism of preaching.

In the year of the 800th anniversary of the dies natalis of St Dominic . . . . . . in a world that is becoming more visual, narrative and secularized, . . . where a rational presentation of the faith is increasingly rejected, and, . . . where the arts in the West have become largely separated from the sources of religious inspiration which have fed them until well into the 20th century: the interfaculty conference, Communitas 2021, addresses the topic of “Preaching and the Arts”.

More info

Registration to Communitas 2021 Events

Communitas website

Webinar: Changing the narrative, one story at a time

The Dominican Sisters at the United Nations invite you to join their webinar with panelists from 5 continents on 26 March 2021.
We will engage with stories from our panelists who have found their inner strength to act for themselves and others.
📍 The event will be available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
📍 Find out more about the event on this flyer

Two major UN commissions in FEb and MAR

The Commission for Social Development (Online | 8 – 17 Feb 2021)

UN Commission on the Status of Women (Online | 14 – 26 Mar 2021)

Please download the announcement here.

You can find complete information on the CSW65 on the UN website:  English, Français, Español


Report on YSOP 2021

by Sr. Eileen O’Connell OP, Dominican Sisters Cabra

Our sisters in Madrid were to be our hosts for the 2021 YSOP gathering but, as with so much else, COVID-19 intervened. It did not however prevent 40 sisters coming together even while staying apart – by Zoom. The language zones of DSE were represented by sisters of various nationalities and congregations. Our theme was: signs of the times in the distortion of truth. Sr Gemma Morató Sendra OP and Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP offered rich insights.

With Sr Gemma, we considered our current reality. In a post-truth world, emotions and not facts determine what one accepts as truth. Fake news, deliberation distortion of truth to manipulate emotions and beliefs, spreads ever-wider and faster and threatens to undermine  society. Dominicans, with our motto Truth, seem an unlikely fit here. Yet, the concern that moved St Dominic must also drive us to engage fully, asking like him: what will become of this world? How might we do this? Almost counter-intuitively, the shift beyond Bauman’s ‘liquid society’ to ‘gaseous society’ – everything is volatile, transitory, interpersonal links are weak, search for identity is central, fear of insecurity looms large – offers us a space to contribute. We Dominicans, who have given our whole lives to following God, can relate to this ‘gaseous’ world where everything is relative, there are no certainties, the lifelong nature of our commitment is so alien. In the ever-shifting ground of today, we consecrated Dominicans can tell that our life is rooted in something – or in someone: the God of compassion. We can communicate best by showing people our lives. Our communal life can offer a strong witness to God. Many experience loneliness and existential emptiness, exacerbated by society’s focus on individual over community. We can demonstrate the gift of communal life as a remedy to this pain only if we live together well. This calls us to put a new focus on the quality of our communal life. We can be obsessed with, even oppressed by, the busyness of mission and our communal life suffers. If it causes us to weaken or lose the witness of communal life, busyness becomes an unhelpful, unhealthy trap.

Fr Timothy asked what seeking truth means in the fake news context and how we might undertake our mission of truth-telling in a manner that overcomes polarities. Echoing Sr Gemma, he identified relationships and understanding the other as antidotes to fake news and named twin ‘tools’ for uncovering truth: objective study along with conversations that foster friendship. Portrait painters use these to capture and disclose the truth of their subject. Likewise, for Dominicans as truth seekers, we need to combine “intense peering”, the discipline of serious study, with the “exhilaration of conversation”, a deep genuine interest in others. We need Dominican scholars specialised in their field (and enabled and supported to be thus) as much as “charitable” Dominican conversationalists – strong relationship-builders with committed students. Even when seemingly futile, we must reach across divisions and have difficult conversations. Only together can we undertake this act of hope and discover other people’s truth. Jesus uncomfortable engagement with the Samaritan woman becomes real only when his word “penetrates her aggression” to reach her life’s truth.

On Saturday, we met Sr Marie Monnet OP, Justice and Peace Promoter for Europe and the Middle East. Their aims are to inform (with newsletters) and instruct (online programmes). Asking which issues interest us, she encouraged sisters to explore Domuni University and to contact her if willing to teach. We were glad that Sr Margaret Mayce OP, DSIC International Coordinator, was with us. She introduced the 2021 global visioning process – coming together to share hopes and dreams for Dominican life and mission for the next five years and exploring how DSIC can help. She told us again of her commitment to involving young sisters in DSIC and her intention to include them in the 2022 Assembly.

Our thanks especially to Sr Pílar del Barrio OP, DSE Coordinator, and to the DSE Council members for planning and bringing to fruition YSOP21 despite the pandemic. Our thanks too to our translators who ensured language was not a barrier to our communication. It was good to be together. We look forward in hope to YSOP22 and pray that then we can meet safely in person once again.

Sr Eileen O’Connell OP  

Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 10.05.54

Justice & Peace Webminar


-Experiences of encounter with migrants
         Stephen Cummins (Ireland) and Alessandro Cortessi (Italy)
-Dialogue between cultures
         Claudio Monge (Istanbul)
-Relationship between care of creation and social justice
         Luc-Thomas Somme (Geneve)
-Local and universal dimensions
         Richard Finn (England)
-Openness to neighborhood
         Petro Balog (Ukraine)
                  Time: Jan 21, 2021 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Rome

YSOP 2021 - Signs of the times in the distortion of truth

The annual meeting for Young Sisters of the Order of Preachers (YSOP) was held on zoom last weekend (8-10 Jan). There were around 29 participants for each zoom session and translations were offered in Spanish, English and French. We had group sessions and social gathering on zoom that enriched the experience of being together.

Sr Gemma Morató and Fr Timothy Radcliffe gave excellent thought provoking insights on the theme of the meeting: Signs of the times in the distortion of truth. Their presentation texts could be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

Fr. Timothy Radcliffe – Difficult conversations (English) (Español)

Sr Gemma Morató – Fake news (English, Español)

Lumen Dominican centre - spring semester

Registration is now open for a number of online modules at Lumen which might be of interest to sisters in the wider Dominican world.  Please click here to download the brochure!


Yao Agbetse, professor of human rights and
independent expert at the United Nations,
hosted a webinar in French and English.
You can click here and listen to the session
around the theme:

“Monitoring and Evaluation of Human
Rights and International Humanitarian Law
in the Context of Conflict: The Case of the
Central African Republic”


The dominican sisters at Katarinahjemmet Oslo have made short videos of the O-antiphones that can be found on their blogpage.

O-antiphones from Katarinahjemmet

50, 60 and 70 years of professed life

The Dominican Sisters of Blessed Imelda celebrated the anniversary of some their sisters on October 30. We share their joy and congratulate Sr. Leonia Dainese, Sr. Lina Basso and Sr. Matilde Nicoletti who celebrated their fiftieth anniversary of professed life. Sr. Gabriella De Benetti, Sr. Tarcisia Ceoldo, Sr. Giulia di Raimo and Sr. Camilla Giacometti for their sixtieth anniversary and Sr Bruna Branca for her seventieth anniversary.

Click here for the article on their website. Here are the comments from the sisters who have celebrated the anniversary, translated from Italian.

“The attraction is similar to that exercised by something beautiful, fascinating, engaging. So it was for me. Celebrating the jubilee has meant and means giving myself back to Love with more intensity because I am experiencing, even after 50 years, that He is faithful, He is the Only One who fills my life with dignity, with meaning, with gratuitousness, with love, with every good that I need, not to keep for myself, but to distribute to other brothers and sisters. How? With the Word, with the Presence, with Interest and Care, as He does with me with the Gift of Himself in the Eucharist. I can only rejoice in HIM, praise him, thank him with all my heart ”. – Sr. Leonia Dainese

“Praise and honor to You, Lord, for the great joy of the call, and response with faith, to follow you everywhere … always. Thanks! It’s been 60 years… but it feels like the first day. Help me to be always ready and faithful, with the grace that comes from You, infinite Trinity! ” – Sr. Giulia De Raimo

“And on Your Word that I love, believe and hope. I’ll still sing your mercy, I will walk with You, Lord, because You called me and sent me: – Go tell my brothers … Here I am! – Sr. Lina Basso

“With joy I celebrated my 60th anniversary of profession, thanking the Lord for the mercy used in these years that I would like to have been pleasing to him. I was given a candle as a symbol of my life, so that it is consumed before God. To this symbol I added my prayer: With the help of Mary, I want my life to be a yes, not only with prayer , but in the concreteness of my life “. – Sr. Tarcisia Ceoldo


First vows

We congratulate Sr. Marga and Sr. Catharina who made their first professions on 16 November 2020. Let us pray for them and the Dominican Sisters in the Netherlands. Here is the notification from the Council of the Congregation Dominican Sisters of the Holy Family Neerbosch, Netherlands.

On Monday November 16, 2020 the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of the Holy Family – Neerbosch, celebrated the first profession of two sisters: Sister Marga and Sister Catharina. After a period of orientation they followed a year of noviciate. They studied Dominican life and spirituality and the apostolate of the congregation.

A year in which they could explore whether God was calling them to lead a life as a Dominican Sister. Both Sister Marga and Sister Catharina were confirmed in their choice to take the next step. They requested the Council for permission to take vows. The Council has wholeheartedly agreed to this.

The ceremony took place during the celebration of the Eucharist in our Saint Dominic’s Chapel in Nijmegen.

We trust that we may count on your prayers.

Council of the Congregation Dominican Sisters of the Holy Family Neerbosch, Netherlands


Sub-Commission for Liturgical Music

On 7 November 2020, the Master of the Order has appointed a Sub-Commission for Liturgical Music, whose main responsibility is to provide the Dominican Family resources on the variety of music (chants, responsorials, etc.) that is utilized throughout the world.

We congratulate the members of this sub-commision:

  • Sr. Ragnhild Bjelland OP
  • fr. Thomas Möller, OP
  • fr. Łukasz Miśko, OP
  • Sr. Marie Trainar, OP

One of the tasks the sub-commission is engaged in is to get in touch with sisters who have a university level degree in music. If you are one of them or if you know of any sisters, please get in touch!

Dear sisters, 
I want to inform you that I’ve been nominated, together with two brothers and a nun, in a Sub-Commision of the Liturgical Commission and I look forward to this task.
We will have our own meetings, but will also have joint meetings with Cliop. This is very interesting and a good opportunity to find ways to cooperate in the liturgical and fraternal common life for all Dominicans and the Dominican family.
The socius for Fraternal life sent us an email the other day to explain why this Sub-Commission was formed and what kind of task it is:

The Master has appointed a Sub-Commission for Liturgical Music, whose main responsibility is to provide the Dominican Family resources on the variety of music (chants, responsorials, etc.) that is utilized throughout the world. The principal reason for the appointment  is division labor and ensuring that the Liturgical Commission is able to fulfill its tasks as outlined in the LCO and the ACTA of Bien Hoa. The hope of the Master is that the Sub-Commission can disseminate the traditional and contemporary music that is experienced throughout the world by the Dominican Family. The Curia is often asked if it has resources on traditional and contemporary music, and the answer is simply we do not. We hope to develop a depository of music that can be accessed by the whole Dominican Family.

In this regard, I want your help, both DSI and all the Congregations for the following:
  • Please send me the names and info of sisters who have a degree (university level) in music, we want to create a kind of Catalogue
  • please forward this mail to sisters who may have names 
I’ll come back to you when we know more 
Fraternal greetings 
Sr Ragnhild Marie op

Dsic blog - shared reflections

Please check out the blog page on DSIC website where Dominican sisters from all around the world share their experience of navigating the pandemic.

Link to the blog: .

Informal zoom course - Aquinas on christ

A 9-week zoom course on what Aquinas (and the church) teaches about Jesus Christ starts on October 16, 2020.

If interested, please email:  MercifulLove1@gmail.com

For more information please visit: English Dominican Congregation of St. Catherine of Siena

“In Communion with the Sacred Universe The Story of An Tairseach.” by Sr. Marian O’Sullivan OP

The virtual launch of  “In Communion with the Sacred Universe The Story of An Tairseach.” by Sr. Marian O’Sullivan OP member of the An Tairseach community, took place on October 10, 2020.

For more information please visit: The Dominican Sisters Cabra

First vows

On October 3, 2020, Sisters Mary Magdalene and Chiara Mary from the English Dominican Congregation of St Catherine of Siena made their first vows. We thank God for His calling and may the YES of Sr. Magdalene and Sr. Chiara bear good fruits for the Holy church and be a source of inspiration. Let us pray for them and for the three new candidates who have just started their novitiate.

More information: https://www.stonedominicans.org/news/216-novices-new-and-old-and-vows-being-made

Hearty Congratulations to Sr. Helen Alford

Sr. Helen Alford, vice-rector at Angelicum who has served as a consultor of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace was appointed to Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on 4 Sep 2020. Sr. Helen Alford has actively collaborated with DSI and DSE activities offering lectures at study weeks and engaging in discussions.