One of the goals of the Dominican Sisters International Confederation (DSIC) is to foster a more compassionate world order through the promotion of peace and justice, integrity of creation and human rights, especially the rights of women. This work is promoted and carried out by the international promoter for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC). The international coordinator works with five continental justice promoters. Sr. Philomena Benedict Le Gall is the justice and peace promoter for Europe and the Middle-East. Their work includes information sharing, formation, advocacy training and other forms of social action with and on behalf of Dominican sisters worldwide.

As the Continental Justice and Peace promoter for Europe Sr Philomena aims at supporting collaboration across congregations of sisters as well as with the friars and lay Dominicans in order to meet the following priorities: protection and regularisation of the legal status of migrants, fight against war and poverty, equal opportunity of work and education for all, care for the environment. 

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Sister Philomena Benedict Le Gall is a Dominican sister of the English Congregation of Saint Catherine of Siena. She is based in Cambridge, England and currently works as a Canon Lawyer and teaches theology.

Changing the narrative, one story at a time

On 26 March 2021, Dominican Sisters at the United Nations organized a webinar in collaboration with Domuni Universitas : « Changing the narrative, one story at a time ». Here is the video from the webminar along with the publications in different languages:

English, Español, Français, عربى

Click here for the link to the replay at Domuni website.

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training in partnership with Domuni

Catholic Social Teaching

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Online courses (at home ; at your own rhythm)

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Dr. Carmelo Sferro


Course code: THE158

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Professor: Alejandro Crosthwaite


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Dr. Manuel Ángel Martínez Juan

Dr. Antonio Osuna Fernández-Largo

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